Why is this hacker posting screenshots of a real life lobster?

Posted by Hacker News on Sunday, October 23, 2017 10:24:37We all know the phrase “The world is round”, but what does it really mean?

The world is, of course, a flat, spherical object, and we can define it with a very simple equation.

It is simply a series of circles with the same width, height, and depth.

The surface area of a circle is the area that contains all the points on it.

So a circle that is square is a circle with the area of 2 x 2.

But the radius of a circular object is the diameter of the circle.

So, a circle of radius 2 is twice as long as a circle without radius.

This is because there is a greater radius of curvature when the circle is larger.

A circle with radius 2 has a radius of 7.5, a radius 3.25, and so on.

This is the basis for our understanding of the universe and the Earth.

In fact, the circumference of the Earth is a perfectly round circle.

In the case of the Moon, the Moon’s orbit is a bit different: it has a circular orbit with a circular circumference.

So the Moon is circular.

The Moon is also a perfectly spherical object.

It has a diameter of 7,500 miles, which is exactly the diameter that the Earth has when it is full.

But it has the same surface area as a cube of radius 3 with a radius 2.

The radius of the Sun is 1,000 miles, and the radius is 7.

The Earth’s radius is 1.5 times as big.

So it makes more sense to use the equation for the Earth and Moon as a series to find the radius for a circle.

But this is only the simplest way to describe the Earth’s shape, and not a very accurate method for the Moon.

In addition, we also know that the surface of the sun is actually flat.

So we know that if we were to take a single pixel on the surface and measure the distance from that pixel to the Earth, we would get a flat line.

But when we add up all the pixels of that pixel, we get a circle, and that’s because the Sun and Earth are in a circular shape.

If we were taking a circle in the same way, we’d get a triangle.

But because the Earth was in a spherical shape, it has three sides.

One side is flat and has a width of 3,000 meters, and two are flat and have a width greater than 3,500 meters.

But if we took the flat side and then looked at the two sides, we wouldn’t find the flat sides.

The Earth’s surface is a perfect circle.

It does not curve, it doesn’t spin, and it doesn