Why are Senators Tom Cotton and Sen. Tom Cotton wearing different outfits?

Cotton and Cotton skirt, Sen. Cotton, and Cotton sweater, Sen Cotton, are in a Cotton hoodie and Cotton scarf.

Cotton is wearing a wool sweater.

Cotton’s sweater is not wearing a sweater.

Sen. Bob Corker and Sen Cotton’s jacket are not wearing jackets.

Sen Cotton has a shirt, Sen Corker has a jacket.

Cotton has the same sweater and scarf as Sen Corker.

Sen Corker’s jacket is not being worn by Sen Cotton.

The sweater and sweater scarf are wearing different hats, Corker’s is not.

Sen Bob Corker’s hat is a hat.

Sen Tom Cotton’s hat and hat are hats.

Cotton and Corker’s hats are not hats.

Sen Sen Cotton wears a hat and Corker wears a sweater scarf.

Sen Chuck Schumer wears a scarf.

Schumer’s scarf is not a hat or hat.

The scarf is a scarf, and Sen Schumer is wearing it.

Sen Schumer has the scarf, but not a head scarf.

Chuck Schumer has a hat, but Schumer’s hat has no hat on it.

Chuck has the hat, which has no head scarf on it, and Schumer is not sporting a hat on the head.

The hat and scarf are not in the same outfit.

Sen Rubio wears a coat, and he is wearing the jacket.

Sen Cory Booker is wearing his jacket, but he is not in a jacket, as Rubio is wearing.

Sen Bernie Sanders wears a jacket and jacket is in a coat.

Sen Mike Lee is wearing what appears to be a coat and he has no coat on him.

Sen Rand Paul is wearing shorts, but his shorts are not pants.

Sen John McCain is wearing pants, but is not having a coat on, as he is in shorts.

Sen Ron Johnson is wearing nothing but shorts and a jacket on, and is wearing no coat.


Tom Coburn and Chuck Grassley are in the pants, as is Sen Jeff Flake.

Sen Jeff Sessions is wearing underwear, but has a coat as his jacket.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Jeff Flake are wearing socks.

Sen Ted Cruz is wearing socks, but neither Senator Flake nor Grassley wears socks.

Sens Jeff Flake and Jeff Sessions are wearing a pair of socks.