Why are cotton socks a ‘bait’ for cats

This article originally appeared on CNN.com.

The phrase cotton sock is now considered a catch phrase for cats.

And if you want to be sure that you are not accidentally catching one of those fluffy socks, then don’t wear them.

But, like many people, we are curious to know the truth behind cotton socks.

A new study published in the journal PLoS One found that, despite what some people might think, cats are not actually attracted to the cotton fibers that make up cotton t shirts.

The researchers analyzed the genomes of three wild cat species.

They found that there was little genetic variation among them.

They also looked at genes that regulate the coat color of cats.

The results were surprising, the researchers said.

The coat color is determined by the melanin pigment in the skin.

In other words, cats do not have a specific coat color.

And in most cases, the pigment that coats the skin is the same pigment that gives fur its texture.

The new study suggests that cats may have evolved to be attracted to different types of fibers in the fabric of their coats.

The study authors also found that cats are attracted to fur that was made of different types, like a soft fur that has more of a light brown color and a soft or glossy coat that has a dark gray color.

They concluded that the coat colors that cats have evolved for are different from those of other felines.

So, what are cotton t-shirts?

How do cats feel about the fibers?

Cats like cotton socks, the authors wrote.

Cats are more likely to wear cotton socks with different colors than they are with a soft cotton coat.

In fact, they prefer cotton socks that are a light gray, rather than a darker brown.

And cats love to eat cotton socks as much as you or I do, said study author Karen Leveille, an associate professor of biology and the professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Cats love to chew on them.

And cats like them.

But cats don’t like them if they’re made of a synthetic fiber like cotton.

The researchers suggest that cats would prefer to eat fiber that is soft and shiny, not cotton.

Leveille’s lab at UT Southwestern is currently studying the genetics of cotton and fur.

If cats and humans share the same genes, they may not be the only species that is attracted to these fibers.

But Levelette is also concerned about the potential for cats to be hurt by this research.

Cats are not the only mammals that can be attracted by cotton.

Other mammals have the same genetic traits that make them attracted to cotton, she said.

And some other mammals are also attracted to fibers that are softer than cotton.

If cats were not attracted to a cotton fiber, Levele said, they could have easily been killed by the cats themselves.

And that could be a problem for humans as well.

People should not eat cotton, but cats are definitely attracted to it.

Cats have a natural desire to eat anything that is softer than their coat.

Cats like soft and fluffy socks because they feel a softer, more “soft” coat and the socks make them feel better.

But cats don`t have the genes that make it difficult for them to find cotton fibers, said Leveelle.

So cats will probably never have the genetic variation that gives them the coat pigmentation that is unique to cats.

Leveslie, who has been studying cat behavior for over 40 years, said cats do have the ability to distinguish between the colors of cotton fibers.

If a cat eats a cotton sock, the cat is probably just trying to distinguish the fibers, Leveslie said.

But if a cat doesn`t like a fiber, she might eat the sock, too.

It is the first study to look at whether cats are actually attracted by the fibers of a particular fabric, Levelle said.

She said it is also the first to compare the genetics between different species.

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