What’s in the Cotton Candy Hair?

The cotton candy hair is one of those oddities that seem to have a huge following on Twitter.

If you are not familiar with cotton candy, it is a cotton candy wig, ponytail, or wig that comes with an adorable pink and white cotton candy headdress.

The wig is not something that will be worn out with too much effort or time, and is not an item that is normally expensive to buy.

It can be purchased online and at any home improvement store.

It has been suggested that the cotton candy candy hair can be used for makeup or other purposes.

However, the wig itself can also be sold on eBay.

While it may seem like a cute gift, there are a few drawbacks.

The wig itself is actually not something very good for the hair.

Although the cotton candies can be dried and re-used, the hair does not dry very well, and tends to curl.

This can lead to a dry, flaky appearance that can cause uneven hair and hair loss.

A cotton candy hairstyle may seem cute at first glance, but once you start to look closely at the hairstyle, it does not look quite right.

I have found that when I have the wig in the shape of a ball, the hairstyles ends up looking a little less good, and it does tend to curl up a bit.

The hair ends up being a little too short, too wide, and too thick.

It can also cause the hairs to become very frizzy and brittle.

Another thing to consider is that the wig does not provide the kind of natural protection that a ponytail or wig would.

The cotton candys may seem nice for your hair, but the wig is actually made to absorb the oils and dirt that are found in the hair and scalp.

For some people, cotton candy is a good way to boost their hair and give it that extra bit of extra shine.

It also provides an alternative for people who have a hard time controlling their hair.

However, I think the cotton chocolates are a bit too good to be true.