Walmart Cotton Fabric, Cotton Candy Randy to open in Canada

A Canadian retailer has announced plans to open a clothing and accessories outlet in the U.S. in a development that will bring more American customers to the retailer’s apparel offerings.

Walmart has previously opened stores in Canada, but it hasn’t announced plans for a U.K. store.

The retailer announced the new outlet will open in the midtown Manhattan shopping district at the end of March, and it will operate out of a converted warehouse.

The retailer said the outlet will offer apparel and accessories for men and women.

It will also carry a variety of clothing and apparel accessories, including hats, scarves, necklaces, neck ties, scarfs, and other accessories.

Walmart said the store will serve its U.s. customers well and be a catalyst for the American consumer to explore Walmart’s apparel and apparel-related services in other countries.

It also said the new store will help the company expand into Canada.