‘No matter what’: Cotton sweatpants are selling at a ‘significant discount’ at the Cotton de Tulear store in Sydney

TULSA, Okla.

— Cotton sweat pants are selling for a “significant discount” at the Woolworths Cotton de Tauwal store in the city, according to Cotton de Tuar spokeswoman Jennifer Luebke.

“This is a huge statement of commitment for Cotton de tuar,” she said.

“They are a leading source of premium cotton sweat pants in the world and this statement of intention speaks to their commitment to the cotton industry and the people of Tulsa.”

The Cotton de Taylors statement comes as cotton growers across the United States continue to face pressure from the Trump administration over its ban on imported cotton.

In June, the Trump Administration announced that it will ban all cotton products and imports from the United Kingdom and Australia as part of a nationwide crackdown on the cotton crop, which has been one of the top producers of cotton in the United State.