Nike unveils new Nike Air Jordan 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 silhouettes

Nike unveiled its latest silhouette for its newest line of Air Jordan sneakers on Tuesday.

The Air Jordan 2, 2.0, 2, and 2+ versions of the Nike Air Jordans are available now.

The first Nike Air Jordon was released in October 2018.

It debuted with a mesh upper that looked a lot like Nike’s Air Jordan “The Jordan” line, and featured a sleek design and a metallic finish.

The new Air Jordan 2 is a black and white colorway with white detailing that matches the overall silhouette of the sneaker.

The shoes also feature a black tongue, heel counter, and a pair of white outsole soles.

Nike has also made a couple of different colors available.

The Air Jordans 2.25 and 2+.5″ are black with a white tongue and heel counter.

They are available for $200 and $300, respectively.

The sneakers also feature two new colors: a dark grey and a bright orange.

The Nike Air Max, Max.1, and Max.2 models have a black upper with white accents.

They also have a white outboard heel counter and a white soles sole.

Nike also unveiled two new colorways of the Air Max models on Monday, featuring white midsoles.

The other pair of Air Max 2.2 and Max 2+ models are white.

Both models feature white outboards with a bright white tongue, white soled leather, and black midsole.

Nike is also adding a pair to the Max range of sneakers, the Max.3, Max 4, and the Max 5.

The newest Nike Air Air Jordan 5.0 and Air Jordan 6.0 sneakers are now available at select Nike retail stores.