How to use cotton on children’s clothes

A number of Australian cotton brands are offering cotton on sale for free in some Australian stores, as a way of encouraging customers to embrace the fabric.

The brand, Cane on Kids, is one of several Australian brands offering cotton for free, including L’Oréal Australia, B&R and Zara Australia.

“It’s a really great initiative by the brands that we have,” Cane Australia’s director of marketing, Claire Coad, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There’s a lot of retailers out there that are really embracing the benefits of cotton on the counter, on the shelf and in the home.”

Ms Coad said the brand had been inundated with offers from retailers offering the cotton on offer for free.

“We’re really pleased to see that so many retailers are offering this free cotton on our shelves,” she said.

“The number of offers we’ve received is incredible.”

A similar program for babies was launched in New Zealand in January, and was popular with shoppers.

But the Cane On Kids initiative is unique in that the cotton is made in Australia.

Ms Cood said there were no restrictions on the number of products a brand could offer for cotton, and there were also no restrictions for the products the company was offering.

“They’re all available to buy online or from the company’s online store,” she told ABC Melbourne.

“We know there are a number of brands out there offering cotton and there are some that we’re very keen to work with.”

So it’s a unique opportunity for us to be able to offer these free products and offer a range of cotton options for the babies and families that are in Australia.

“Ms Beddow is not convinced cotton is a good idea for babies.”

Cotton has been around for a long time and people have always been interested in it,” she says.”

I think that’s why we’ve always had cotton on hand.

“But it’s the same old issue with kids.”


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