How to turn cotton into silk: How to make cotton cloth by hand

Cotton is a valuable and versatile material, which can be used in all kinds of projects.

It can be woven into clothing, blankets, pillows, bags and more.

There are a lot of possibilities with it, and its natural ability to absorb moisture means it can be made from a variety of fabrics.

This infographic shows how to turn a cotton cloth into silk by hand, starting with cotton, then the weaving process and ending with the finished product.

The process of weaving a cotton thread into a silk fabric starts with a thread that has been knitted from the end of a skein of yarn and knitted back again.

There is no glue or sewing machine required.

The needle, which has been left untied, is then held with a knot.

This knot holds the needle close to the cotton thread.

Once this is secured, the thread is woven into the fabric, with a single strand of yarn.

The thread is then knitted again.

This second knitting is repeated, until the finished piece is completed.

Here’s how to make a cotton fabric using a single thread of yarn, making it into a cloth.

Source: BBC News