How to turn a cotton robe into a wearable cotton garment

Citing data from a recent survey conducted by the American Society for Cotton Research (ASCR), TechCrunch asked readers to rank the most wearable cotton garments in the world based on their suitability for a wearable fashion item.

The top 10 ranked the most wearables according to respondents were the Cotton Shirt, Cotton Sweater, Cotton Jacket, Cotton Dress and Cotton Jacket with the Cotton Dress ranked fourth.

The top 10 wearables ranked by ASCR respondents were: Cotton Shirt (3rd), Cotton Sweaters (4th), Cotton Dress (5th), and Cotton Coat (6th).

The top 20 ranked the wearables by respondents were Cotton Jacket (6), Cotton Coat, Cotton Shirt and Cotton Dress.

The Cotton Dress was ranked 15th by the respondents.

“When you think about the best wearable apparel, a cotton garment is the most likely one to have an impact on your life and a lot of it is based on the fact that it can be used as a garment for all sorts of things.

We think of a cotton dress as a textile and cotton coat as a cloth.

A cotton sweater is basically a cotton-like material,” said James Leggett, the ASCR director of apparel, textile and apparel innovation.

Leggett added that as the textile industry continues to innovate, the technology that enables wearable clothing has continued to improve.

“For the past five years, I think, people have become more comfortable wearing the fabric of their clothes.

The textile industry is growing, and I think that people are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their clothing,” he said.”

The fact that they have found ways to make that technology accessible to people is what’s really really exciting about this technology.

And that’s a really exciting time.”

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