How to make your own cotton curtain

Cotton curtain is a popular item for the home and can be made to look beautiful or even cozy.

To make it, follow the simple steps.


Start by making a covercloth.

This covers the back of your curtains.

Use a cotton yarn or a cotton fabric, such as a wool, silk, or linen.


Spread the cotton over a surface that’s not carpeting, such a floor or carpet.

Cover the covercloth with the fabric and wrap it around the curtain.


Tie a knot around the cloth to secure it. 4.

Make a fabric cover for the back and then make the curtain, using the same covercloth as you used to make the front.


Add a cotton ball for the middle of the curtain to hold it in place.


Tie the cover to the curtain using a knot.


Wrap the cover around the fabric, then wrap it again around the ball.


Finally, wrap the fabric around the back to secure the curtain in place and make a simple cover.

This tutorial will show you how to make a cotton curtain cover.

1st Step: Start with a covercloths fabric The first step to making a cotton covercloth is to make one that is both soft and durable.

It’s not necessary to buy one that’s completely finished, but if you can, buy one with a little extra to keep it looking good.

Cotton cloths are soft and not too thick.

To start, make a cover cloth out of cotton fabric.

This will allow you to cover the back.

It will also be a good idea to make some extra fabric to keep the curtains from sliding around when you are changing the curtains.

For the cover cloth, just make a small slit at the back, about 2 centimetres, and attach it to the fabric with a string.

Place the fabric on the covercloth and tie the knot.

Make sure to make sure you don’t cut the fabric too close to the cloth.

Place a second covercloth on top of the first.

This should cover the middle.

Now, take your yarn and weave it around your covercloth and knot.

Wrap around the cover as if you were wrapping up the cloth with a rope.

You can make the cover with a variety of yarns, but you need to try to get it to work.

Make the fabric cover as thick as you can with some thread, but not too much.

The length of the fabric should be about 1cm or so.

If you want to make it thicker, tie a knot at the end of the knot so it doesn’t come loose.

It is a good practice to tie a few more knots before you make the next step.

You might also want to buy some yarns with a smaller thread, such that the fabric covers the length of your fabric.

3rd Step: Create a fabric covering for the front 1.

Tie your fabric covering onto a fabric fabric mat.

2-3 inches away from the back side of the cover, place a cotton cloth over the fabric mat so the cloth covers the front and sides of the cloth cover.

3-4 inches away, place your cover cloth and the cloth behind it.

Make it a little larger than the front cover.

4-6 inches away you can tie a small knot to the cover at the front, keeping the fabric from sliding off.

This helps to keep your coverclothes from sliding.

5-7 inches away is where the next piece of the cotton fabric covers.

Make two rows.

Each row should be the same width and should have at least one inch between them.

Place one row of the top covercloth next to the other, with the same length as the top row.

Tie two knots at the top of each row and place them next to each other.

Make 3 more rows and you’re done.

You should have two rows of fabric coverclothing.

Place your cover clothes in a container, such an airtight bag, and place the cloth covering around the airtight container.

This is a great time to clean the cloth and any other stray dust.

Make 2-4 layers of fabric, making sure to leave enough room for the fabric to breathe.

Make your cover garments, again using cotton cloth, and wrap the cover in a double layer of fabric.

Place them back in the same container.

The next step is to put the cover clothes back into the container and tie a double knot around it.

This knot should be at least 6cm long.

Make one more row and tie another double knot.

Repeat this until you’ve made your whole covercloth cover.

You’ll have three layers of coverclotting material, which is what you’ll use to cover up the curtains when changing the fabric.

5th Step: Make a simple covering for both sides 1.

Take a small piece of fabric and weave around it, using a string to do so. 2nd Step: Tie a single knot around this fabric