How to make cotton shower curtain cover

Cute and cozy cotton shower curtains that look good in your bedroom, office or living room.

With this pattern, you can make your own cotton shower cover, or just use the one you have laying around the house.

You will need:A large piece of white cotton fabricThe right size (I used a 9-foot-long piece) a piece of thread (I chose 100 yards for this tutorial) scissorsA piece of fabric tape (I use a 6-foot piece)A pair of scissors (I’m using a 9″ wide cut)The fabric tape is really important, so don’t let the tape get into your fabric. 

You’ll need to cut out the desired shape, and then cut out two pieces of the desired size, as shown below.

Now you’re going to lay out the two pieces in a row, as illustrated below.

Cut out two identical pieces of fabric.

Now cut out your two pieces, one of which is the right size.

Now, lay a piece that fits snugly against the fabric, like so.

Cut that piece of the fabric in half, so that the center portion is about 1/8″ to 1/2″ above the edge of the cover. 

And then cut that piece in half again, so it’s about 1″ above your top edge of fabric, so your cover fits snug.

Now you have two pieces that fit snugly on the cover, as you can see below.

Make sure you don’t cut too much fabric off the end of the piece that you just cut, because that can mess up the shape of the top and bottom, and make the fabric too stiff.

Cut the top piece of your cover in half to get rid of the excess fabric, and trim the top half so that you get a slightly tapered shape.

Now cut the bottom piece of cover in two pieces so that it fits snug, like you saw in the image below. 

Now, you have a cotton shower covering that’s just right for your room.