How to knit a cotton knit dress for a spring wedding

Next Big Futures article Cotton knit fabric is available in different sizes and fabrics.

This pattern has a simple cotton knit and can be used as a fall or spring dress or a dress with lace trim.

This cotton knit will look perfect on anyone, no matter what style or size you choose.

Materials Needed: yarn, needle and scissors.

Materials: 2.5 yards of your choice of wool or acrylic fabric (see photos below).

Needles for this project are included.

Directions for how to make this pattern:1.

Start by working a straight yarn over the first 4 inches of your yarn.

Then knit a stitch from the bottom up to the top of the row.

Repeat this process until you have completed 6 rows.2.

Slip stitch across the top edge of the first row and then repeat from the top to the bottom of the next row.3.

Knit 1 st across the first stitch.

Knitted 2 stitches across the last stitch.4.

Slip the last st of the last row and work the last 2 rows together.5.

Slip 1 st of each stitch around the inside of the top flap, working the remaining stitches from the beginning of the previous row as usual.6.

Slip each stitch of the final row, working as usual, until the ends of the entire length of the dress are just past the end of the tail.

This will allow you to weave in ends and sew your dress together.

To make the skirt, start by knitting 3 rows of the same color and then work the second row to create a small hem.

Then you will begin to work in a different color.

You will work in the same row and next row until you reach the end.

Repeat the same process until the entire skirt is done.

You can also add extra yarn at the end to create additional pleats, or knit additional yarn around the edges to create the hem.

You may need to work the extra yarn to help hold the fabric in place.

If you want to add a lace trim, start at the bottom and work your way up to making a center, and repeat on the opposite side.

You should end up with the desired length of skirt.

This will create a perfect accent for your wedding day.

This pattern is available to buy at Next BigFuture.

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