How cotton candy hair can make you smarter

When cotton candy was first introduced to America, it was considered to be the most popular color, and was sold in stores across the country.

But now, researchers say the popularity of cotton candy can be traced back to an unexpected source: the American Civil War.

Cotton candy was originally used in the United States as a form of propaganda during the American Revolution.

But it was soon superseded by the white man’s corn cob, which is still widely used today.

According to research conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois, it’s now believed that cotton candy originated in England.

The research is published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The paper states that cotton candies were originally used to make hats in 1796 and were originally a novelty item.

But by the 19th century, cotton candy had become the standard color in American homes, so the US government began using it as an advertising campaign.

The researchers also found that it has been linked to brain development and learning, and suggested that the chemical could be linked to a variety of cognitive functions.

The team is now working on a further study into the chemical and how it affects cognition and learning.