Cotton sports bra sells for $299.95 in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY — Cotton sports bras have gone on sale in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The Sports Bra Company in New Hampshire sold its first product on Thursday at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“We had a blast putting this together,” said Katie Pecoraro, senior vice president of sales for the company.

“I think it was a really great year to be a part of this and it’s just an exciting time to be part of the fabric.”

The new bra comes in five sizes ranging from a 38 to 42 and comes with a full coverage bra with a stretch fabric, as well as two cup sizes.

The Sport Bra is made in Germany.

The company also sells a range of athletic bras, including sports bras with an adjustable cup size.

The brand has been selling sports bras for the past three years, but it only started selling them in New England in the fall of 2014.

A product description for the Sports Bra said the new Sports Bra comes with full coverage, adjustable cups and adjustable straps.

“Our customers want our product because they love to wear our bras and it works great,” said Pecore.

“People want the best quality products, and we do a great job at providing it.”

Sports bras are popular in the United States.

A survey conducted by the company in September found that 52% of Americans use a sports bra, with 29% of women saying they use the sports bra to help them feel stronger.