Cotton socks ‘make you feel like you are in a cotton factory’

Cotton socks, a popular style for women in many parts of the world, can be a stylish way to keep your feet warm, according to research.

The popular sock is made from the same material as wool, but is designed to provide more warmth.

A recent study published in the journal Applied Energy Materials showed the cotton sock can feel like a “vintage wool sock.”

“You are feeling more comfortable, you are not freezing, and you are warmer,” said David A. Wasserstrom, professor of textile engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and co-author of the study.

Wasserstrom said that while cotton socks are “not a ‘fashion’ item, they do have a very unique aesthetic,” and they’re one of the only ways to keep warm in hot climates.

The study looked at how the socks were made, how much insulation was added to them, and whether the socks could be kept warm in a hot environment.

The socks were manufactured in a textile mill that uses high-pressure steam to heat the fibers.

They were then treated with a chemical that helps to shrink the fibers, making them stiffer and warmer.

“The socks don’t shrink the socks, they just get softer and more comfortable,” Wasserstrok said.

The researchers tested cotton socks on the hot side of the equation.

They placed the socks in a room that was 30 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) above average, but did not put them in a cold room.

They then put the socks on a computer monitor and held them up to a mirror.

They measured the temperature, and the socks’ insulating properties were measured using an infrared thermometer.

The cotton socks were found to be significantly warmer than wool socks, which did not seem to affect the socks temperature.

“It’s quite interesting that the cotton socks could hold their warmth and still be warm,” Wimmerstrom said.

Wasserstrok and his colleagues also used the same research to find out if a cotton sock could be used to warm an insulated laptop.

The researchers placed a computer screen on a table, placed a cotton-spun sock on top of it, and then heated the laptop using a fan.

“You can feel it warm in the middle of the screen, so that’s a nice benefit,” Waserstrom said of the cotton-based sock.

Waderstrok says that while the socks might be a good option for people who don’t want to put them on, he’s not sure they’ll last for a long time.

He said the sock could eventually lose its warmth, which would make it too expensive.

“The material itself is probably going to wear out, and it’s going to lose its heat in a few months.

The thermal properties are probably going not to hold up well,” Waderstroks said.

The socks are still a “cool” option, but not something people should be putting on all the time.

“I don’t think it’s a bad idea to wear them occasionally,” Wafer said.