Cotton pads to make the jump in 2017, Nike says

With spring fast approaching, Nike is introducing two new hoodies that will become part of the company’s 2017 lineup.

The first, the Cotton Head, is the companys first hoodie that is designed for people who have been exposed to COVID-19 and who want to be prepared.

Nike said the hoodie is made with an organic cotton blend that has a “slim, comfortable fit.”

It features a removable top with a cotton strip.

“We’re excited to bring the Cottonhead to market,” Nike President and CEO Patrick Puharich said.

“It’s the first hooded hooded jacket that’s built for comfort and versatility.”

The Cotton Head is priced at $200.

The second, the Kona Cotton Head , is the latest addition to the brand’s lineup of premium hoodies.

It will be available in the spring and will include the same features as the Cotton Heads, but will feature a cotton blend and will have a removable back panel.

“The Kona Hoodie is a premium, lightweight, durable hoodie for active lifestyles and active people,” said Kona brand director Scott Gellerman.

“We want to help people take advantage of the warm, tropical weather that is just around the corner.”

Kona also released a new hoodie last week that is made of 100 percent cotton.

The Kota Hoodie will debut at retailers and online in the fall.