Cotton mather – ‘It’s a little bit of a bummer’

COTTON JUGGERS has been branded “a little bit” of a “bummer” by some fans for being a bit too hot, while others are concerned the “unusual” colours of the popular item will cause people to avoid buying it.

In a video posted to YouTube on Sunday, the popular cotton mather brand explained that the “coloured” mather will be available in a range of different colours.

“We are always working to improve our products to make sure that everyone can enjoy our cotton joggers,” the brand said.

However, it was not the first time the brand has come under fire.

The brand first ran into controversy in 2016 when a man in France complained about the “cotton” joggers being too hot and said that he was concerned about the possible impact on his health.

The French man was eventually charged with assault and later fined, but he was later found not guilty.

The man’s video went viral and has since been viewed more than two billion times.

The brand’s latest move comes after the brand also launched a new cotton mathering “super mather” in March that is said to be cooler than the original.

The mather is described as a “soft, silky blend of water and cotton” and is “a true pleasure to use”.

Cotton mathering is also the most popular form of mather among men.

According to research from the University of Oxford, the mather has been used by more than 4 million men in the UK and France, with one in four men saying they would buy it in the future.

It is also estimated that the number of people using mather as their primary form of cleaning has increased by more then 150 per cent over the last decade, with men spending on average $7.25 on mather per year.