Cotton exchange: $4.99 per sheet, $1.29 per pound, and $7.99 for 10 cotton bundles 2019

Cotton bales from Arizona-based Cotton Exchange are selling for as little as $2.49 per pound in a limited quantity.

The price has gone up by $1 per pound since the launch of the exchange in April.

For a $7-pound package, the cotton bales come with a cotton blanket, a cotton bedspread, a pillowcase, a blanket, and a cotton bowl.

The bundle comes with four cotton bale liners, a nylon fabric, and six cotton yarns.

The Cotton Exchange has offered these bundles in the past, and they have been a great way to find cotton at a price that doesn’t cost much to produce.

The cotton bails have a more traditional design, and the blankets come in different styles.

The pillowcase also features a large mesh pocket, but it’s a cotton design and doesn’t come with any cotton material.

The blanket is a cotton sheet, with a mesh fabric covering the blanket.

The bedspread is made from cotton, with the cotton covering the mattress.

Cotton bale sheets can be purchased in bundles of 10, which are $2 per pound.

Cotton exchange is offering the blankets and bedspheres in the U.S. for $1 less than their retail price.