Cotton Electric Blue Candy Clouds: A Cotton Candy Clouds Tale of Two Types

The new cotton candy clouds from the Candy Factory is a sweet and colorful treat that combines sweet cotton candy with a hint of blue.

The cotton candy is made with blue candy and a cotton candy cloud, which has been mixed with blue sugar, orange, and other ingredients.

The candy factory has a full line of Cotton Candy Cane candy, cotton candy candles, cotton candies, cotton floss, and cotton candy products.

The Cotton Candy Factory was founded in 1912 by the founder of the candy business, George and Mary Wollstonecraft, and has since grown into a global brand.

The company produces more than 60 different cotton candy brands including Cotton Candy Creams, Cotton Candy Chunks, Cotton candy rings, Cotton Cane Candy, Cotton-candy-wrapped candies and cotton candys.