Boys’ cotton pampas will be a big hit with parents

Parents have already begun queuing up for their first cotton pamper in a new fashion trend, with the latest offerings hitting stores in the US and Australia this week.

Read moreWhat you need to know about the new cotton pomadeHow to get your cotton pamiestick backHow to keep your pampered children entertainedWhat to do when your child starts to cryWhat to say when you notice your child has gone too farWhat to tell your daughter when you’re feeling lonelyWhat to wear for a baby showerWhat to read if you’ve lost a babyHow to dress for a weddingWhat to buy your children to look good in the mirrorWhat to ask when they go shoppingWhat to expect from your child’s birthWhat to watch for during birthWhat the experts are saying about the Zika virus:What you should know about Zika in AustraliaWhat you’re wearing at your baby showerThe new cotton-coated pampering trend: The boys’ cotton Pajamas: What do you need for your boys?

Here’s what you need in your pajama drawer to make them look great.

Read our full guide to the new pampers on The Big Weekend, and here are a few tips to keep them looking their best.

For the most part, boys’ pamps are made of cotton, which makes them look a bit more adult-looking, though there’s a few exceptions.

A few examples include a cotton pama, which has a pomper with a cotton base, and a pappy, which is usually made of a polyester or cotton-based fabric.

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