Boy Scouts say boys are wearing pants on field

A Boy Scouts of America member who was spotted wearing shorts and pants during an overnight field inspection in Wisconsin has apologized.

The National Boy Scout Jamboree has been taking place since November, and has been criticized by some for what some have deemed a lack of diversity.

The Boy Scouts has apologized to the scout leaders and has launched a series of training programs to improve diversity.

But some scouts have questioned the appropriateness of such clothing in an environment that includes wearing long-sleeved shirts.

The Boy Scouts posted the following statement on their Facebook page Saturday:A statement was issued on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2016 by the Boy Scouts’ National Jamborese Council.

The council members have apologized for inappropriate and inappropriate attire and conduct during an inspection of Boy Scouts Jambos in Wisconsin.

The Jambored has apologized and will continue to work closely with local and state government leaders to ensure the Jambors quality of life is always respected and that all Jamborers are able to participate fully in the Jamba, while respecting the boundaries of the Boy Scout Code of Conduct and the Jameis code of conduct.